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Unique Diagnostic offer

Cutting-edge diagnostics tests covering multiple aspects of tumors (DNA, RNA, IHC, others) for solid & liquid biopsies

Unique Database

An up to date, comprehensive and proprietary database, OncoKDO, including genomics, drugs, clinical trials and scientific literature

BioIT Platform

An industry-leading bio-IT SaaS integration & interpretation platform for health care professionals

The Oncology Specialists

Effective access to our specialised oncology resources (scientific/genomic, clinical and outcomes data experts) and oncologists network.

Digital platform

A tailored and easy to access Digital platform combining testing and digital patient/HCP data collection.


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M.D. Ph.D Antonio Gualberto
Head of Development and Chief Medical Officer
Kura Oncology - USA

"Aiding physicians to identify HRAS and other mutations in HNSCC is an essential element of Kura’s clinical development strategy. Streamlining screening processes facilitates timely access to important medical information that could help oncologists and their patients in making treatment decisions"

Dr. Alan L. HO
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - USA

The study met its predefined success criteria and has been amended to continue enrolling HRAS mutant HNSCC pts, as well as pts with SCC, other than HNSCC, with HRAS mutations into a new Cohort 3. (ESMO 22 october 2018)