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Explore cancer complexity with next-generation sequencing

Cancer type:
Intended use:
Sample type:

Solid tumors (stage 3 - stage 4 cancer)

Tumor characterization & biomarker validation

Cancer-related genes and phenotypes

FFPE tumor tissue or frozen tumor samples

What Is OncoXPLORE?

A comprehensive cancer gene panel test optimized for the exploration of solid tumors

OncoXPLORE is a NGS-based assay that targets a very large panel of genes and phenotypes of interest for cancer research and generates a manageable amount of genomic data for the validation of cancer biomarkers and the comprehensive characterization of a tumor.

By designing this genomic test for cancer research, OncoDNA aims to support the development of new cancer drug targets, enabling you to explore, assess and validate new biomarkers as well as to accelerate patient recruitment and maximize patient stratification for your clinical trials in an simple and cost-efficient manner.

Key features:

  • • Panel of 635 cancer-related genes
  • • Reporting of MSI, TMB, HRD phenotypes, CNV/LOH backbone, splicing variants
  • • Deep mean gene coverage, enabling the identification of low-frequency variants
  • • Robust approach for low-quality DNA
  • • NGS enabled by Twist technology

Why Choose OncoXPLORE?


The technology of cancer gene sequencing produces a smaller amount of genomic data and offers a deeper gene coverage compared to whole genome sequencing or whole exome sequencing. This method facilitates the exploration of the sequencing data in a fast, accurate and accessible manner.

OncoXPLORE is a genomic solution that focuses on a very wide panel of genes and phenotypes tailored for cancer research. The genes included in the panel were carefully selected based on their biological and clinical relevance in oncology. The cancer panel can be customized to include genes of interest and target regions relevant to your studies. Contact our sales team to discuss how to customize your NGS cancer panel.

OncoXPLORE is a pan-cancer genomic assay. It is recommended for all stage 3 and stage 4 solid tumors in adults. It may be also performed on pediatric samples and hematologic malignancies. Please contact our support team to assess the feasibility of your research project together.

OncoXPLORE can be performed on small amount of tumor DNA. Starting material is 100ng post DNA extraction (may be performed on a minimum of 30ng sample) with DV900> 50%

Ordering an OncoXPLORE cancer gene panel test is very simple. Just contact our sales team to discuss your research project and customize the test to your cancer studies.

You can order an OncoXPLORE for your research projects from anywhere in the world.

You will receive access to our secured GDPR compliant cloud-based application MERCURY where you will be able to explore your data and collect insights to support the progress of your studies. MERCURY is an easy-to-use software that enables the comprehensive and interactive exploration of genomic data. It also enables the generation of customized reports. Upon request, clinical interpretation reports may be made available on OncoKDM.

It takes about 3 weeks from the sample reception to reporting.

For information regarding the price of OncoXPLORE in your respective country, please contact our sales team.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us! Our teams are available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday.

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