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Dr. Jean-Philippe Wagner
Function: Oncologist & Director of the Institut Andrée Dutreix in Dunkerque

fter a thesis in Medicine and a specialization in oncology at the University of Lyon in France with Pr JP. GERARD and Th. PHILIP, Dr. Wagner started as Medical Specialist in 1992 at the Centre de Lutte Contre Le Cancer Paul Strauss in Strasbourg, France for 4 years. He is also Master in Science (genetics and immunology).
He became Algologist and held the position of Medical Director at Strasbourg Liberal Oncology during 14 years.
Since 2012, Dr. Wagner is the Medical Director of the Institut Andrée Dutreix in Dunkerque. Indeed, he joined the Clinique de Flandre in Coudekerque and the Hospital Centre in Calais as Oncologist and Algologist.
In 2017, Dr. Wagner founded the SHISSO (the International Society for Homeopathy as Supportive Care in Oncology). SHISSO is a learned society whose purpose is to facilitate and develop the practice, teaching, research and promotion of homeopathic therapies as part of supportive care in oncology.