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From molecular profiling to clear therapeutic recommendations, the most innovative way to interpret cancer data

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Are you facing one of these issues with your NGS interpretation platform?

OncoKDM® is an online platform that turns your NGS data into actionable clinical information. Moreover, OncoKDM® can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data. The resulting comprehensive and interactive report includes updated information about approved and investigational treatments for each patient, as well as NGS quality control data, patient clinical data and comprehensive NGS variants annotation.

A dedicated interpretation platform for

The rapidly evolving field of personalised oncology requires to be constantly aware of scientific updates regarding drug responses, changes in guidelines, recruiting clinical trials... OncoKDM® transforms test results coming from the lab into actionable clinical information in the form of a report that includes clinical recommendations about approved or investigational drugs in a personalised way.

Combining the results of different molecular profiling tests with clinical data is key to select the best therapy options. OncoDNA can combine all this information into its powerful platform OncoKDM®. Pathologists and biologists can upload the data into OncoKDM®, and the platform will turn them into actionable clinical information in the form of a report. This report contains all the mutations found, IHC markers, and TMB and MSI status, among others, and the related drugs.

Interactive report with insightful widgets

OncoKDM® platform gathers data such as medical information and patient history.

Next-generation sequencing analysis encompasses smart variant classification including biological and therapeutical impacts, CNV analysis and coverage and uniformity quality control at the exon level (not possible for VCF files).

Recommendation of drugs associated with potential clinical benefits or drugs to avoid based on official guidelines and clinical evidences.

You can include additional testing such as protein expression, translocations, unusual splicing or methylation.

The immunogram shows the potential response of each patient to immunotherapy. It is created from (1) the percentage of PD-L1-positive tumour cells, (2) the percentage of infiltrated CD8+ T cells, (3) the level of tumour mutational burden, (4) the microsatellite stability status of the tumour, and (5) the presence of mutations associated with either sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy. The larger the area, the better the patient should respond to immunotherapy.

We report recruting clinical trials worldwide based on the patient's specific molecular profile.

The comprehensive summary reports all conclusions including the key findings, a simplified pathway analysis and the treatment recommendations based on molecular and clinical evidence.

The report is supported by a list of key scientific papers that have been used to build up the personalised patient report.

How does it work?

OncoKDM® provides you with up-to-date biological and clinical interpretation of your NGS oncology data.
You simply need to upload your data to our platform in a few clicks.

Upload data

Upload your FASTQ, BAM or VCF files

Set patient cases and launch the analyses

A batch of samples can be uploaded in one click, meaning that you will not waste your time uploading the samples one by one

Get the comprehensive report

It takes up to 48 hours to interpret your data

A certified and secure environment


OncoKDM® evolves in a European data healthcare environment meaning that all medical, personal and processed data are stored and managed to be compliant with the EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


ISO 13485:2016

OncoKDM® is in the scope of our ISO 13485:2016 certification. This ISO standard specifies the requirements for quality management systems (QMS) in the medical device industry. Being certified indicates that the OncoKDM® quality management system meets the applicable regulatory and customer requirements in the field of medical devices.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013

OncoKDM® relies on an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. The underlying information security management system of this certification facilitates the compliance with the GDPR through the implementation of the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and appropriate security of your personal data, including their protection against unauthorized or illegal treatment, and their loss, destruction or accidental damage.



HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. In healthcare circles, adhering to HIPAA requires healthcare organisations to implement secure electronic access to health data and to remain in compliance with privacy regulations.



OncoKDM is compliant with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

OncoKDM® is technology-agnostic

• AmpliSeq for Illumina BRCA Panel
• AmpliSeq for Illumina Cancer Hotspot Panel V2
• AmpliSeq for Illumina Focus Panel
• AmpliSeq for Illumina Comprehensive Cancer Panel
• TruSight Tumor 15
• TruSight Tumor 170
• TruSight Oncology 500

• OncoMINE Focus Assay
• OncoMINE Comprehensive Assay
• OncoMINE BRCA Assay

• Human Breast Cancer Panel
• Human Colorectal Cancer Panel
• Human Lung Cancer Panel
• Human Actionable Solid Tumor Panel
• Human BRCA 1 & 2 Plus Panel

Any panel starting from the VCF files

ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer Panel

Successful collaborations

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Sonia Pernas
Medical Oncology Department - Head of Breast Cancer Unit
Institut Català d’Oncologia, Spain

Given the expertise of OncoDNA in delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiated this collaboration with enthusiasm with the aim of developing a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution integrating any kind of molecular data that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumours of AGATA patients, allowing us to tailor much better their treatment options.

Byung Chul Kim, Ph.D.
Clinomics Inc.

Compared to its competitors, OncoKDM includes patient-centred features that enable oncologists to recommend and make the right treatment decisions according to patient's data and medical history. Moreover, OncoKDM is user-friendly and easy to use, another advantage!


OncoKDM can analyse NGS data from RNA fusion and DNA panels, as well as assess MSI (microsatellite instability), TMB (tumour mutational burden), LOH (loss of heterozygosity), copy number variations, etc. Note that we do not currently analyze whole transcriptome data, RNA-Seq differential expression data, RNA data from Ion Torrent, or germline mutations.

OncoKDM is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (information security management systems) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices quality management). OncoKDM is also GDPR- and GCP-compliant.

No, OncoKDM is a platform focused on the interpretation of somatic alterations.

The knowledge database is generated by manually reviewing publicly available scientific data (i.e. scientific publications, conference abstracts...). A member of the scientific team extracts the relevant information and adds it to the database. After this step, there is always a validation step by a second member of the team.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us! Our Scientific Support Teams are available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday.

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