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Added : 7 Sept. 2017
OncoDEEP, a comprehensive molecular profiling of solid biopsies

The purpose of OncoDEEP is to help the oncologist find new treatment options based on a comprehensive molecular profiling of the patient’s tumor.

Added : 9 March 2016
How OncoDNA can predict response to immunotherapy

At OncoDNA we have developed a five-parameter immunogram to predict if a patient will respond or not to immunotherapy.

Added : 22 March 2018
OncoSTRAT&GO identifies the best cancer treatment

OncoSTRAT&GO gives the most comprehensive molecular profile of the tumor by analysing biomarkers in DNA, RNA and proteins in both solid and liquid biopsies.

Added : 4 April 2017
OncoKDM provides daily support to oncologists and laboratory heads

OncoDNA has developed OncoKDM, an online platform that allows the different cancer treatment facilities around the world to benefit from the expertise of OncoDNA by interpreting their sequencing data and other tests performed in their laboratory.

Added : 4 May 2017
OncoDNA's girls at the Muddy Angel Run 

The “Muddy Angel Run” is Europe’s 5 kilometer Mud Run for women of all fitness levels who want to do good while having fun. It's a breast cancer awareness activity.

Added : 27 June  2017
ESMO 2017 - Madrid

Discover the after movie of OncoDNA’s participation to ESMO 2017 in Madrid (SPAIN). The occasion to present our new and innovative solutions to oncologists. We also organized a private dinner at the Museo Lazaro Galdiano.

Added : 26 Sept. 2017
ESMO 2016 - Copenhagen

Discover the after movie about the participation of OncoDNA at the ESMO 2016 congress. The Sunday evening, we organized a networking dinner at the Medical Museum Copenhagen.

Added : 26 Oct. 2016
Conference "From Big Data To Useful Knowledge"

On May 3rd 2017, OncoDNA launched their new solution, OncoKDM. KDM means Knowlegde Driven Medicine. This SaaS application will allow any cancer treatment facility to have their data interpreted with the help of the experts at OncoDNA, using their proprietary algorithms and unique knowledge database. 

Added : 23 May 2017
Conference UStart
Added : 02 Dec. 2015
Conference on liquid biopsy

On 27 April, the occasion of the official launch of its monitoring solution, OncoDNA held a symposium on the personalized treatment of cancer and patient monitoring via liquid biopsies.

Added : 25 May 2016
European Cancer Congress 2015
Added : 12 Oct. 2015
OncoDEEP Launch

OncoDEEP purpose is to orientate the oncologist towards new treatment options based on a comprehensive molecular profiling of his patient’s tumor.

Added : 12 Oct. 2015
Promising company of the year 2015

Description of the video in a few words or maybe one line or two... 

Added : 20 Oct. 2015
Deloitte’s 2015 Technology Fast 50

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 competition is an annual selection of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies within Belgium. The initiative is designed to encourage and promote entrepreneurial, fast-growing technology companies.

Added : 27 Nov. 2015
Patient Testimonial - Uterus Cancer

Christine was diagnosed in 2017 with uterus cancer. The OncoStrat&Go molecular profiling report annotated that Christine would not react positively to Dacarbazine but only to Doxorubicin. Thus avoiding her some adverse drug reactions.

Added : 9 Oct. 2019
Interview of Prof Marc Peeters about the missing link between pathologists and oncologists

According to Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters, the answer is clear, both have to exchange data and knowledge to perform the right testing in terms of biomarkers to get the right treatment options for the patient.

Added : 29 Sept. 2019
Patient testimonial from France

In July 2008 the patient (a 54-year-old female) was diagnosed with a metastatic breast cancer ER+ / PR+ / HER2+.

Added : 28 Sept. 2016
Patient testimonial from Belgium
Added : 30 Sept. 2016
Patient testimonial from Spain

In 2015 the patient (a female 50-year-old) was diagnosed with a NSCLC stage IV.  Based on the results generated with OncoDEEP, the oncologist decided to treat the patient with crizotinib.

Added : 06 Oct. 2016
Patient testimonial from South Africa

63-year-old man affected by an unknown Head&Neck primary site poorly differentiated into a squamous cell carcinoma. OncoDNA observed a high expression of PD-L1 which is associated with a good prognosis for such therapy. The patient is treated with nivolumab and shows a good response with 6 months of OS for the moment.

Added : 16 Sept. 2016
Patient testimonial from Bulgaria

In October 2014 the patient (a 61-year-old male, never smoker) was diagnosed for a NSCLC stage IV. Discover his story

Added : 07 Aug. 2017
Dr Jean-Loup Mouysset, oncologist

Le Dr Jean-Loup MOUYSSET est Oncologue et fondateur de l’Association Ressource et du Centre ressource situé à Aix en Provence. Il s'agit d'un lieu d’accueil pour les personnes touchées par le cancer. Le Dr MOUYSSET utilise nos tests OncoDEEP pour l'aider dans ses choix de traitements.

Added : 23 Nov. 2015
Dr Christian Rolfo, MD, PhD

For the official launch of OncoTRACE, Dr. Christian Rolfo - MD, PhD, MBAh and professor at Antwerp University (UZA) - speaks about the benefits of OncoTRACE.

Added : 10 May 2016
Why make an OncoDNA test?
Added : 13 Dec. 2018
OncoKDM interpretation platform user testimonial - Clinomics

Clinomics is a liquid biopsy based cancer diagnostic company which has included OncoKDM interpretation platform to study cancer biomarkers. Discover why they have chosen to work with OncoKDM.

Added : 20 Feb. 2019
Interview Prof Martine Piccart about AURORA project
Added : 09 Oct. 2005
L'Entreprise Prometteuse De L'Année 2015 - Bel RTL

In the "Company of the year" competition 2015 organized by Ernst & Young, OncoDNA was designated as the most promising company of the year / Lors du concours "L'entreprise de l'année" 2015 organisé par Ernst & Young, OncoDNA fut désignée Entreprise la plus prometteuse.

Added : 21 Oct. 2015
Reportage au JT de la RTBF

La RTBF parle de l'Entreprise la plus prometteuse de l'année 2015 dans son JT du soir. Petit reportage dans les laboratoires de l'IPG et visite de nos bureaux.

Added : 22 Oct. 2015
Grande avancée dans le traitement des cancers du sein - RTL-TVI
Added : 20 Nov.. 2015
Journal Télévisé de la RTBF

OncoDNA lève un capital de 7,7 millions d'euros pour financer son ambitieux programme de croissance.

Added : 07 Sept. 2016
Ziggo Kanaal 42 - OncoDNA, Jean-Pol Detiffe

Jean-Pol Detiffe, OncoDNA's CEO, interviewed for "Ziggo Kanaal 42", a regional TV in the Netherlands

Added : 23 May 2017
Ziggo Kanaal 42 - OncoDNA, Nico Coen

Nico Coen, OncoDNA's Sales Manager, geinterviewed voor Ziggo Kanaal 42, regionale televisie in de Nederland.

Added : 23 May 2017

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