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Multi-factor Data Normalization enables the detection of LOH in amplicon sequencing data


Rim ZAAG, Maxime LIÉNARD, Sébastien TOFFOLI and Jean-François LAES




Beyond its role as prognosis factor, LOH has recently been reported to play a key role in precision medicine, as it can predict response to immune checkpoint blockade therapies. Current LOH detection methods mainly rely on the comparison of the tumor genotype against its normal counterpart. However their use in routine diagnosis is limited by the frequent lack of paired normal DNA. On the other hand, the exploitation of high-throughput SNP array techniques to detect LOH by genotyping only tumor is not more advantageous for diagnosis as only 30% of SNPs in an individual sample are heterozygous, which makes the remaining 70% non-informative.

OncoDNA's co-authors

picture of Dr. Jean-Francois LaesDr. Jean-Francois Laes

Chief Scientific Officer

picture of Maxime LienardMaxime Lienard

Senior Bio-Informatician

picture of Rim ZaagRim Zaag