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Scientific Publications and Posters

Combining analysis of solid and liquid biopsy: insights into tumor heterogeneity


L Alvarez, A Rodrigo, A Terradez, A Finzel Pérez, JF Laes




Liquid biopsies are a promising tool for molecular tumor profiling and monitoring (Siravegna et al., 2017). One of their main advantages over solid biopsies is that they can detect intratumoral heterogeneity, which is unappreciated by single-site tissue biopsies. However, we are still at the beginning of their incorporation into routine oncology practice.

OncoDNA's co-authors

picture of Adriana TerradezAdriana Terradez

Sales Director Spain/Portugal

picture of Ana Belen RodrigoAna Belen Rodrigo

Clinical Research Officer

picture of Dr. Jean-Francois LaesDr. Jean-Francois Laes

Chief Scientific Officer

picture of Dr. Ana Finzel PérezDr. Ana Finzel Pérez

Senior Medical Advisor