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Clinical Applications of Tumor Molecular Profiling in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Wednesday May 23rd 2018 | 1:00 PM


What you'll discover

Webinar on Clinical Applications of Tumor Molecular Profiling in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients,

1- Background on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), its subtypes and impact of mutations on prognosis 

2- Approved drugs and therapeutic options for the treatment of NSCLC cancer 

3- Current status of precision medicine/clinical trials/ immunotherapy/liquid biopsy in NSCLC cancer 

4- How precision medicine can guide treatment in metastatic NSCLC cancer


About the speaker(s)

picture of Prof. Dr. Özlem Er

Prof. Dr. Özlem Er

Head of Department of Medical Oncology at Acıbadem University Medical Faculty (Turkey)

After becoming a Medical Oncologist in 2002, she performed clinic studies at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA.
She was awarded the associate professor’s degree in 2003. Dr Er worked as the Head of Medical Oncology, Medical Faculty, Erciyes University. She participated in education of research associates and managed their thesis studies.
As one of the 8 researchers worldwide who won the AVON project award – Association for American Cancer Researches (AACR) in 2006-2008, she stayed at Thomas Jefferson University performing experimental studies on breast cancer. She contributed to significant studies on cancer stem cells and cancer development.
Dr Er published in multiple international and national reviews in the field of oncology, particularly breast, lung, gastric, colorectal (intestinal) cancers.
Dr Er is a member of the editorial board of “American Journal of Pathology”.