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NGS for oncology - The international status of Next Generation Sequencing in oncology practice - Update

Tuesday December 3rd 2019 | 11:00 AM


What you'll discover

Discover the new release of the NGS barometer report. The NGS barometer defines the current status of NGS based oncology data interpretation, customer experiences and product wishes.

Interested? The number of places is limited so be quick !


About the speaker(s)

picture of Marc Buchet

Marc Buchet

picture of Dr. Jean-Francois Laes

Dr. Jean-Francois Laes

Chief Scientific Officer

Holds a PhD in molecular biology and has considerable expertise with NGS

Gained expertise throughout various companies (Roche, SOLID, IonTorrent, Illumina, DNAVision and LifeTech)

Experienced in the oncology space and familiar with regulatory requirements