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Making the most of all your NGS resources to support oncologists in their clinical decision

Thursday March 12th 2020 | 12:00 PM


What you'll discover

Nowadays, with the emergence of larger gene panels (Illumina’s TSO500, Thermo Fisher’s Oncomine Plus), biologists have to handle a large amount of data and parameters to provide oncologists with pertinent and accurate clinical recommendations clinicians can rely on. Curation of updated data and bibliography search might be time-consuming and cost-intensive, so adopting OncoDNA's data interpretation software could allow your teams to work on other tasks that have a more direct added-value on your business. Moreover, biologists also have to deal with multiple emerging guidelines to benchmark both variants’ biological and therapeutic classification.

Using a Clinical Decision Support solution (CDS) like OncoKDM (Lite offer) for the NGS data interpretation in oncology allows laboratories to benefit the most from both the equipment and human resources while securing the maximized clinical utility from their oncogenomic data. Discover how by attending this Webinar!


About the speaker(s)

picture of Antoun Al Absi PhD

Antoun Al Absi PhD

Global Field Application Specialist