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Combined Molecular profiling in the daily live of an oncologist. Personal experience in difficult clinical situations

Monday November 26th 2018 | 2:00 PM


What you'll discover

In this presentation, Dr. Yaroslav Kulyaba will share with you his practical experience of using combined molecular profiling in daily oncology routine. With an update on the strength of personalized therapy in difficult clinical situations.
Dr Kulyaba will share in detail several clinical cases of patients with solid tumors who have undergone combined molecular profiling tests.
A question and answer session is foreseen after his talk.


About the speaker(s)

picture of Dr. Yaroslav Kulyaba

Dr. Yaroslav Kulyaba

Oncologist & Haematologist

Dr. Yaroslav Kulyaba is a renowned ukrenian oncologist and haematologist, with 25 years of clinics experience. He is heading the oncology department of the Dobry Prognosis Clinic of German Medicine in Kiev.
In 1993 he graduated from the Tver State Medical Institute, Faculty of General Medicine. He received specialization in general medicine, haematology and oncology.
His main work areas are chemotherapy for lymphoproliferative diseases and solid tumors, with particular attention  for chemotherapy of inoperable cancer (colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer), as well as personalized cancer therapy and rehabilitation of patients after chemotherapy. Having a wide practical experience in clinical trials, Dr Kulyaba is also Member of the European Association of Oncologists and author of more than 10 scientific publications, including 7 in international journals.