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New Comprehensive Biomarker Test for Advanced Solid Tumors

Mélanie Moxhet

April 19, 2021


OncoDNA announces the launch of a new comprehensive biomarker test to guide treatment decisions and support clinical research in oncology. The new OncoDEEP® will be commercially available as of April 19, 2021, for patients diagnosed with stage III-IV solid cancers.

The new OncoDEEP® offers a solution to many challenges faced in routine cancer care. When patients do not respond to conventional therapies or when they are diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, such as a cancer of unknown primary, OncoDEEP® can be used to map out clinical strategies. Starting from a small sample of tumor tissue, OncoDEEP® helps pinpoint the therapeutic vulnerabilities of a tumor and provide timely access to the most effective treatment options for a patient.

As the pandemic continues to wreck healthcare systems worldwide, the launch of the new OncoDEEP® comes in timely. The COVID-19 crisis has caused considerable delays in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, and hence has aggravated patient prognosis. In times of limited resources, OncoDEEP® can assist with the prioritization and improved efficiency of advanced cancer care. In one simple test, it can help flag patients who are less likely to benefit from conventional chemotherapy and guide their treatment journey towards a more efficient targeted approach.

The new biomarker test is an upgraded version of OncoDNA flagship solution. Since its initial commercialization in 2014, science has been advancing fast. Currently, it is estimated that around half of patients diagnosed with advanced cancer will potentially benefit from an approved therapy or a clinical trial. OncoDEEP® now covers a wide range of biomarkers carefully selected for their clinical relevance.

It is the most comprehensive biomarker test available on the market. It not only includes a wide NGS panel of over 600 genes but also tumor-specific analyses. Combining the different assays has been proven to maximize the clinical benefits for patients. The new version is more robust and more accurate than ever thanks to a technology switch to Illumina and Twist Bioscience.

Technically speaking, OncoDEEP® screens for:

- genomic alterations (DNA & RNA);

- genomic signatures (microsatellite instability, tumor mutational burden & homologous recombination deficiency);

- and protein biomarkers of response to targeted therapies, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

The new OncoDEEP® comprehensive biomarker test will be available as of April 19, 2021 worldwide. In the United States, it can be used for research purposes only. We recommend healthcare providers to use it at diagnosis or at disease progression, after a first-line treatment failed, for patients diagnosed with stage III-IV solid tumors. We also offer the biopharma industry a tailor-made version of OncoDEEP®. In practice, this means more flexibility in the gene panel.