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OncoDNA Appoints Dr Cheng Boon as UK Medical Director

Mélanie Moxhet

April 30, 2021


Dr Boon will support oncologists and health care professionals to personalize cancer care in the UK

OncoDNA is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Cheng Boon as UK Medical Director. Dr Boon is an experienced clinical oncologist who has been operating across the private and NHS sectors, with the objective of improving patient survival through technology. In his medical practice, Dr Boon has always embraced the latest innovation to deliver the best of technology to cancer patients. In his new role at OncoDNA, he will take on the challenge of improving patient access to comprehensive biomarker testing, a technology whose potential remains relatively unexploited in clinical practice.

As UK Medical Director, Dr Boon will provide support to private practicing oncologists in the UK, helping them understand the clinical recommendations that result from OncoDNA biomarker tests and select the most appropriate treatment for each of their patients diagnosed with an advanced, metastatic solid cancer. Dr Boon will also play a major role in supporting the use of biomarker testing into routine cancer care across both the private and public health systems via the Molecular Diagnostics Innovation Partnership (MDIP). Launched in collaboration with Rutherford Diagnostics in 2020, the MDIP is a project that aims to bring together care providers, payors, clinicians, nurses and patients to improve access to molecular diagnostics and ensure the delivery of personalised cancer care in the UK.

Collaboration is our greatest tool in the fight against cancer. At OncoDNA we believe that personalised medicine and genetic sequencing is an important part of patient’s cancer journey. And this can only be achieved through collaboration between payors, oncologists, nursing staff, patients and their families. Together we can achieve the very best possible outcome for every patient,” said Dr Boon. 

Dr Boon specialises in the non-surgical management of cancers arising from the upper gastrointestinal tract. He special interest is in the delivery of safer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted agents as well as advanced radiotherapy treatments for the benefit of his patients. Currently, he acts as consultant oncologist at the Rutherford Cancer Centres where he provides personalised cancer treatment to patients from the UK and beyond.

Dr Boon succeeds Dr Philip Beer, a physician-scientist specializing in precision oncology. Over the last three years, Dr Beer has been an integral part of OncoDNA success. He has been instrumental in raising awareness about biomarker testing, and he has been involved in many new initiatives, including the MDIP, the bitesize reads and videos, as well as the ONCOmmunity podcast.