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Empower oncologists to find the best available treatments for their patients thanks to our knowledge database

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A better characterisation of the patient’s cancer and a wiser treatment choice 

"OncoDNA’s goal is to predict and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive integrated approach (genomics combined with molecular pathology), thus enabling oncologists to make the right decisions regarding treatment choice." 


Jean-Pol DETIFFE, Founder and CEO

A large panel of services designed for:

Personalised treatment options for your patient

We use a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies and  bioinformatic approaches to support oncologists and NGS labs in their decisions about patient treatment. OncoDNA offers a unique and powerful combination of techniques (NGS of large gene panels and immunohistochemistry analyses, among others) for therapeutic decision-making. We perform these tests on liquid and/or solid biopsies, analysing relevant somatic or germline alterations. Our reporting platforms can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data to provide you with an accurate clinical interpretation.

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There might be better treatment options for your cancer type

Our innovative approach is to combine DNA sequencing (NGS) with protein analysis  (immunohistochemistry-IHC) and additional techniques. This gives a comprehensive view of the tumor profile at the DNA, RNA and protein levels and can help identify more therapeutic options for the patient. Moreover, we included recently liquid biopsy analyses in our solution portfolio, either in combination with solid biopsies or as standalone.

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Molecular Pathology: from molecular complexity to clear decision

OncoDNA’s services to biopharma and academic researchers are organised around 4 pillars: Clinical Testing, Precision Enrollment, Post-Marketing activities and Knowledge-Driven Medicine.

Our  solutions are web-based platform that turns your raw data into actionable clinical insight. Powerful tools addressing NGS, IHC, MSI and TMB data to provide up-to-date and accurate interpretation. 

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Cancer drug development by the biopharma industry

Based on a unique ecosystem

We are patient-centred and our goal is to deliver solutions to three key pillars around him/her

We have developed a unique and powerful combination of DNA, RNA and protein analyses that screen more than the usual suspects in solid and/or liquid biopsies.

All the data are integrated into one single report that helps the oncologists in the therapeutic decision-making process.


OncoKDM is an online platform that turns the NGS data of the labs into actionable clinical information.

Moreover, OncoKDM can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data.

The resulting interactive report includes updated information about approved or investigational treatments for each patient.


Our services to biopharma are organised in four pillars: clinical testing, precision enrollment, post-marketing activities and knowledge-driven medicine. We offer NGS and molecular pathology assays, we grant treatment access to patients, we help them to get the treatment reimbursed, and we collect real-world data to support biopharma during discussions with drug agencies and payers.

When our mission is translated into real life benefits

We invite you to discover by yourself through key clinical cases how we impact the life of cancer patients